Moving Beyond a “Rape Culture”

I don’t know what’s possessing me to take sides on controversial issues lately. In lieu of a full entry, here’s a letter of mine that was printed in the National Post today:

Moving beyond a ‘rape culture’

Re: Paying the price for a ‘Hook-Up’ culture, Barbara Kay, April 11.

What defines rape culture is the act of rape itself. Rape is an abhorrent thing for which there is no excuse. The word “culture,” though, necessarily involves context.

The context of rape is boys (and men) who are used to speaking and thinking in lustful, objectifying terms. Another part of this culture is the assumption that alcohol should be part of every social gathering.

Let’s be clear: The girls who were assaulted do not deserve any blame, even if they were drinking. It is not their fault that the adults in our society told them, through words and examples, that alcohol is OK.

I believe our society will eventually have the courage to give up alcohol, like it is giving up tobacco. I believe men can learn to talk about women without talking about sex. I also believe partying can be replaced by better forms of entertainment.

But until then, I pray that the innocent will be protected — from rape and from the selfish culture that surrounds it.

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