New Group Blog: The Hustings

The HustingsI’m very excited about a brand new project! My colleague Jackson Doughart at the Prince Arthur Herald recently had the idea to start a new conservative group blog, called The Hustings, and asked me to join, along with a few others. This week we’ve put up our first entries, including one of mine. We’ve also had the incredible luck to have taken on Barbara Kay of the National Post as a contributor.

The blog takes a unique approach to online opinion writing, based on Jackson’s irritations with online blogging culture: posts will be kept to 400 words, and there will not be a comments section on the site. Readers can send in polished guest posts as responses to our brief articles that will be published at the editor’s discretion. The vision of the site is conservative (this doesn’t secretly mean libertarian), the tone is measured and the viewpoint is generally Canadian.

The site can be found at, and you can follow at @hustingsblog on Twitter. My plan is to post the first paragraph of my Hustings entries here on my site, along with a link. Meanwhile, I’ll continue writing longer articles for Virtuous Society, as well as for the Prince Arthur Herald. Below is a link to my first post at The Hustings:

Public policy discussions in Canada rarely revolve around aesthetics. But as an ongoing debate in Alberta shows, there is still something to be said for beauty …

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