Hustings Recap: Europe, Afghanistan, Technology, Methodism

First United Methodist Church in Huntington, West Virginia

First United Methodist Church in Huntington, West Virginia

Over the last week I’ve posted four short entries to The Hustings. Today’s is regarding the doctrinal issues troubling American Methodism:

The deep problem Abraham feared in United Methodism was that the church’s 1968 foundational ethos of Liberal Protestantism, or doctrinal pluralism, had turned into factionalism over time. The potential church-breaker, in Abraham’s judgment, was homosexuality, an issue on which he could see little common ground among conservatives, liberals, and radicals.

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My posts last week, on technological advance, US foreign policy in the Middle East and the EU elections are below.

[I]mpending social disruption probably justifies, for a conservative, at least a mild Luddism when it comes to technology. If the ship of civilization is thrown off course by rapid technological change, then its crew might do well to cast an anchor on the side of institutional caution.

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President Obama offered an articulate defense of his foreign policy at the US Military Academy in West Point, N.Y. yesterday, asserting that his administration is walking a wise middle road between interventionism and isolationism. Meanwhile, changing circumstances and shifting US priorities in the Middle East are making prognostication difficult for those who hope for stability in the region.

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Maybe populist nationalism and anti-immigration activism are far-right, maybe they’re not. But European voting patterns seem to suggest that UKIP and FN’s gains represent more than a move to the right. In fact, most of the popular support for these movements appears to be coming from voters who are, or were, near the centre—on both sides.

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