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  1. thank you for your latest article regarding statistics with LGBT LDS suicide rates. i have also done a lot of research and can’t seem to find much to back up everyone’s claims that its a dramatically bigger problem among Mormons as opposed to other communities. there is so much controversy surrounding this subject, but i appreciate your well-articulated and thought out article as well as your responses to the many arguments thrown at you.

  2. I have read some of the articles you wrote about “gay marriage”, and “suicide”. I am a less-active Mormon and am very familiar with lds culture. I have been less-active (inactive) since 2005. I am from Canada myself.
    I am writing you because I want to share some things I learned in my own life journey hoping that maybe it will expand your mind and understanding on being gay and Mormon.
    I had a faith crisis in 1999. Something happened at church that made me angry and resentful of people in my ward. I had become an object of gossip. It put me in a path to question things I believed.
    Fast forward to 2014 and I contemplated going back to the lds church. I had been aware of the issues that gays in the church face in dealing with being gay in this church. You can be gay and participate in this church but “the brethren” insist on those who wish to participate in church life, temple worship, and church leadership, that they must live a celibate lifestyle. That is basically telling them they can not have love in their lives in the same way that heterosexual members enjoy married life today.
    Church’s top leaders may insist on that of gay members but personally I don’t feel that is fair of straight members to insist that of gay members. I am an lgbt ally and this is a deeply personal issue that ought to be left up to the gay member to decide. Any church, including the LDS church, that insists that to be a good member, a gay person needs to live celibately for the rest of their lives to be a full participatory member isn’t being fair to that gay person. They are a sexual minority in a heterosexually normative church. The “one size fits all” solutions to social problems is one thing I don’t agree with about LDS mormonism, and because of it, especially on how it relates to gay mormons, I decided not to become active again in LDS mormonism.

  3. Michael,

    What about virtuous women who will never have the opportunity to marry? The whole issue is about being morally clean before Our God and Creator. Just because I am single does not give me the right to go around sleeping with people as a counterfeit to acceptance and love. I am celibate because I love the Lord Jesus Christ and have faith that one day in the eternities I will be healed from the wounds I carry and I will have a partner. I am not gay, but I am handicapped which puts me in a category not unlike yourself …

    May you find peace. May you find that by serving the God of creation brings you so much “completion” and “faith” that you desire only to be true to Him.

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